Unibond Seafood International - Our mission, values and vision


Unibond Seafood International



The key milestones include:

• Commenced Imports from China in 1995

• Partnership processing in Qingdao China since 2003

• 1st White fish processor accredited with BRC A grade

• 2006, 1st Fish processor in China engaged in

Ethical Trading Initiative

• 2006, 1st MSC Cod processor in China

• 2015, Celebrated 20th Year Anniversary


Vendor Rating

We also monitor our Suppliers’ performance via our ‘Vendor Rating’ procedure. Raw Material is checked against various criteria on delivery to the factory. This tool enables us to rate each supplier/vessel and make informed purchasing decisions based on factual assessments of previous deliveries of fish supplied.

2004: 1st fish processor in China to be accredited with BRC

1st fish processor in China to be accredited with BRC version 7 grade AA

2006: MSC Accreditation

2006: ETI Accreditation

2009: IFS Accreditation


UNIBOND SEAFOOD INTERNATIONAL  is a leading supplier of premium quality frozen whitefish and Pacific Salmon to some of the world’s leading brands. We have customers on almost every continent and pride ourselves on the partnerships we have developed.


Our Mission, Values & Vision


• To supply sustainable frozen seafood of the utmost quality to consumers


• We deeply value the quality and the sustainability of all the products we supply.

• We regard customer service excellence, total supply reliability and CSR as our paramount business objectives.

• We encourage team work to maintain a fair and trustworthy working environment.

Vision :

• To be the most competitive, healthy and sustainable global seafood company.



Supply Chain & Raw Material

With over 20 years of experience and expertise, Unibond Seafood has an unrivalled understanding and oversight of the market. We have excellent relationships with major fishing quota owners in key fishing grounds, working with those that share our company’s values and core beliefs in sustainability.

Unibond Seafood was the first company to process MSC Certified Cod in China, and we continue to work with our customers, suppliers, NGO and authorities to achieve the goal in eliminating any illegal, unreported and unregulated raw material (I.U.U) throughout our entire supply chain. We believe we have a responsibility to make a difference as environmental sustainability and fisheries stewardship is essential in preserving healthy stocks.



Quality Assurance

We set the high quality benchmarks for all of our products. Our quality assurance system is integrated into all our practices and processes to ensure food safety and quality standards are met. As required by BRC, IFS and FDA guidelines,

As part of this, our in-house laboratory conducts microbiological exams on over 1000 samples per month.



Factory and Processing Excellence

Our manufacturing hub is based in Qingdao China and incorporates both our factory and those of our partner processors. We are committed to maintaining our exceptional production standards and have built a reputation for both reliability and superior quality.

We continually invest in our workshops with new processing and packaging equipment. We have installed state of the art automation which whilst improving efficiencies, also helps to reduce water and electricity usage.

We welcome our customers to visit and work with us in Qingdao. Our experience shows that by working closely together, we can often deliver real mutual benefits.



Sales, Logistics and Customer Service

We have a very experienced team based at our London office dedicated to managing sales, raw material procurement, logistics and finance. They work closely with our customers and suppliers to provide as smooth a possible transaction, from the initial order to final delivery at the required destination.

We understand that speed of shipment is often important. Our main processing hub in Qingdao has been awarded ‘Green Release’ status by China Inspection & Quarantine. As the only seafood exporter in China to have this facility, it means shipments are cleared for export more quickly, saving valuable time.

Our team works with all of the major sea freight shipping companies. They will work with you to provide the optimal logistics solution available for your needs.